Film and photography

Barbara Davies and Flora Bella (Overseas) Ltd. produce documentary and instructional films. Barbara has a background in television and educational production in conjunction with BBC 1 and 2, Channel 4, the Royal Horticultural Society, TwoFour Productions and others in the United Kingdom.

Film projects currently in development:

“Flora” – The women landscape professionals who have contributed to the landscape character of greater Santa Barbara, California through the past 150 years.

“Earth’s Bounty 1” – Traditional, edible wild plant collecting and use through the seasons on the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus, with traditional Cypriot restaurateurs and cooks, Erato MacArthur and Demetris Tembriotis.

“Earth’s Bounty 2” – Edible wild plant collecting through the seasons in California from the traditions of the Original People, presented by traditional Native American herbalist, Monique Sonoqui and others.

Flora Bella (Overseas) Ltd.  maintains a photographic library, supplying garden, landscape and nature images to various media.    

Previous work:

‘The Royal Horticultural Society Practical Guide to Water Gardens' video (Two Four Productions). Winner of UK Garden Writers' Guild Best Video award, international best selling video of the RHS Practical Guide series and selected training video for UK horticultural college training courses.

Barbara Dobbins Davies
Barbara Dobbins Davies